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    Hi all,

    Happy new year! Today I want to share what the term CSA means, as you might start to hear it more as more cut flower farmers and growers take up the concept.

    CSA stands for 'community supported agriculture'.

    Consumers interested in well-grown produce pay up front for a portion of their local farmer's output that season, and over the year will receive goods periodically.

    For example, with a flower CSA, the consumer purchases a certain number of bouquets to be received over a certain period of time. They can go a few weeks without receiving a bouquet if they don't need one (heresy!), but then collect one a week for a few weeks if there are a string of birthdays or events to buy for (or if they just want a treat).

    In short, it is a simple yet radical way to take control and ownership of the British cut flower industry, and addresses big problems we're facing - for example, lack of transparency in where flowers have come from (country of origin labelling for flowers is not yet a legal requirement - and over 90% of flowers sold in the UK are grown overseas), how sustainably the flowers have been grown, and the long-term environmental and economical effects of their production.

    By purchasing a CSA with your local cut flower farmer, you are intentionally choosing who to directly support. By keeping things local, you have more control over exactly what you're buying and consuming. Such a simple and wonderful idea.